The Field of Practice and Supporting system

Programs and projects are developed and promoted with the following 8 supporting systems:

  1. i-Night Market: Operated by School of Architect and D. School, i-Night Market develops the IoT Smart Campus projects around FCU campus and night market, featuring cashless campus, smart parking and smart lighting.
  2. Smart Village: With the Smart Disaster Prevention System setup in the GIS Research Center, we monitor the potential threat and participate in the Placemaking Programs of the community. In responding to the University Social Responsibility program, we also improve the employment ecosystem and bring the younger generation to the community via communal participation and community empowerment.
  3. Green Earth: We change how people utilize the resources by implementing the “HyMeTek”, which is the global technology, developed by FCU Green Energy and Biotechnology Industry Research Center, that transforms waste into energy resources, to the communities.
  4. Care & Aging-in-place: Through technology support and resource allocation, we develop service design and social design plans, aiming at integrating resources, resolving financial deficiency and creating satisfying solution regarding aging-in-place.
  5. Social Value Entrepreneurship: We analyze business models of various social enterprises, work as consultants and help them improve and create social values.
  6. Education Alliance: We help the junior and senior high schools to plan the courses, to train the teachers, and to fulfill the social responsibilities that universities should take for the junior and senior high schools.
  7. Sharing Economy: We achieve the goal of sharing economy by implementing the process of service design and integration among heterogeneous disciplines and fields, such as the co-taxi, co-scooter, and the care system of rural and subordinated people.
  8. Practice-Led Research: Research-led teaching and knowledge outputs are introduced as new learning models for students and teachers. Base on the combined knowledge and technique, we solve existing social problems by utilizing innovative ideas and social designs.







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